My Vision

Alan Gleske started his business with a vision to promote forestry management in a way that allowed landowners to trust who they utilize to harvest their timber. He practices being a good steward to the land by conducting the operation in a way that will promote the future health and profitability of the stand to come. Through his Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a major in Forest Resources Management earned at West Virginia University, he has the education and tools to look at a forested area, and tailor a plan that aligns with the landowner’s objectives with the mindset to keep costs low and profitability high for future generations to come.

My Education

I graduated from:

Bachelor of Science in Forestry with a major in Forest Resources Management.

Course work specializing in: harvesting forest products, forest resources management, forestry economics, silvicultural systems, forest mensuration, and forest ecology.

While at WVU, Alan worked at the University’s research forest where his passion for logging initially began. Upon graduating, Alan spent three fire seasons, May to October, in Happy Camp, CA fighting wildfires. During the off season Alan spent his time working for a small family run, yet highly mechanized logging operation learning how to navigate complex harvests techniques and merchandising constraints.

My Dream Job

In 2018, Alan began his own adventure taking flight to his dreams by launching Appalachian Growth Logging, LLC. Since then, the demand for additional services utilizing the revenue streams from timber harvesting arose such as: invasive species control and thinning in overstocked timber stands to promote forest growth and vigor.

Having the tools to do so Alan launched the second business, Appalachian Growth Forest Management, LLC. With both businesses established, this opened the umbrella to combine both businesses under one core entity named Appalachian Growth Forestry. Alan is licensed, certified, and insured in forest pest control through the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) Office of Pesticide Services and a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager through the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF). Prescribed fire is another useful and cost effective tool in promoting an overall healthy, managed forest by which Alan is well versed in through his western and local wildland fire experiences.