Harvested wood staged for buyer layout

We’ll help you get the most out of your timber while preserving your land’s beauty and future harvest potential. Logging includes: creating a plan based on your objectives, marking the timber, harvesting, and merchandising logs to their highest value.

View Clearing

Before clearing

Woods obstructing mountain view

After clearing

After beautiful mountain view cleared

Pesky trees blocking your mountain view? We have experience improving the value of your home by opening up its potential to beautiful mountain views. We’ve worked with steep terrain so no job is too tough.

Firewood Sales

Wood logs cut for bulk firewood sale

We offer pole-length firewood by the truck load. We can drop off large quantities of firewood and you can split it yourself to desired length and quantity. Wholesale purchasing firewood has other benefits such as reduced cost compared to purchasing pre-split firewood.

Forest Management Planning

Detailed Harvest Map from Forest Management Plan

Pictured above is a detailed harvest map laying out roads and trails for logging equipment to traverse a customer plot of land.

Forest management plans are a great place to start and maintain objectives you may have on your forested property. From timber valuation to wildlife management AG Forest Management has the skills to create and follow through with the objectives you would like to promote.

Invasive Species Control

An invasive plant species after treatment has been applied

Pictured above is a wilting multiflora rose after we’ve treated it with environmentally safe chemicals specific for this species. It is an example of an invasive species in Virginia.

AG Forest Management is certified in commercial forest pesticide application and is fully licensed and insured to treat invasive species in the forest setting. We have the tools to combat fast growing invasive plants and insects allowing room for native plants and insects to thrive the way they should.

Prescribed Burning

A prescribed burn clearing a field to promote native grasses

Pictured above is a prescribed burn in progress to promote native grasses.

Forest fires provide an important role to the ecosystem. It resets a plot of land; clearing out the under-brush which helps promote new growth for saplings and buds. Basically, forest fires clear out the unhealthy plants in order to allow healthier plants to replace them. Land owners can emulate a controlled forest fire by hiring a professional.

Use AG Forest Management to plan and conduct a prescribed burn. Prescribed burning is a cost effective tool to accomplish objectives in your woodlot. From backyard bonfires reducing vegetation in and around your home to full scale property burning to promote native grasses, help control invasive species, wildlife management, and much more.